World Cup 2014 Hits

 Apr 30, 2014

The next FIFA World Cup is coming up. June 12 2014 will be the date, the entire World has marked in its calendar. The World Cup will be held in Brazil and will therefore be a sunny edition. BME Songs has some new and old tracks in its catalog regarding football, Brazil and the Netherlands. Our newest addition is written by the brothers Koopmans and is performed by DJ Nickelbass. ‘Trumpets From Brazil’, as the track is called, is a sunny dance track with the sound of Brazil.

We also have some new Dutch songs regarding the FIFA World Cup. Gordon Heuckeroth has written a new songs called ‘Sambabal’, which is performed by himself. It’s a Co-Production with Talpa Music and is a champions track made for the Dutch team. The lyrics vary from the Dutch team and its trainer to Brazil and its traditions.

Another new song is ‘When We Go'. This song is written and performed by Alex Wielders in collaboration with Kleintje Pils, a Dutch orchestra. Kleintje Pils is known for their amazing performances at various sport events such as the Olympic Games and the ‘Elfstedentocht’. ‘When We Go' is a full power World Cup song written for the Dutch football team. This song is sure to be a hit during the World Cup.

BME Songs also has some other songs in its catalog regarding football and the World Cup. ‘Vuvuzela’ is a songs written by the brothers Koopmans for the last World Cup edition, held in South Africa. Another song which is worth to mention is ‘Winnaarslied’, performed by the Dikdakkers. This song is not specifically written for the World Cup but for a team with winning mentality. When you want a song which says you’ll do anything to win, this is the one for you.

Whenever you’re interested in one of the songs above, feel free to contact us.